Why Give

Your support of Advancement Northwest creates future nonprofit sector leaders. These are the people who will find a solution to homelessness. They will bring compromise to disagreeing communities. They will ensure our neighbors are safe and healthy. The leaders of tomorrow will have the chance to do all this and more because we, as a development community, invest in them today.

Your gift to Advancement Northwest will support people in Washington as well as mobilize national initiatives that are important to us all. We know that many of our supporters want their investment to stay in our community. We talked with the AFP Foundation and came to an agreement that the majority of the support raised by Advancement Northwest will stay local.

Locally, donations support scholarships, diversity initiatives, and the critical priorities outlined in our chapter’s new strategic plan.

Scholarships: In January 2018, 12 of our colleagues from four different counties received scholarships. All of the recipients are from previously identified underrepresented communities including people of color and fundraisers who work in small or rural nonprofits. They serve in organizations with missions ranging from social justice to youth services to protecting the environment.

Being selected as a Scholar was such a huge gift! It’s so easy to laser focus on the priorities of your day-to-day job and not carve out time for much-needed professional development. Not wanting to waste this fantastic opportunity, I’ve taken advantage of several benefits including mentorship, meeting regularly with fellow Scholars, volunteering on a committee, participating in local Snohomish County meet-ups, registering for both days of the Forum and more! Advancement Northwest has so much to offer and I’m very grateful for the nudge this scholarship was to more fully engage.

Nate Greenland, Housing Hope and 2018 Advancement Northwest Scholarship Recipient

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access: Advancement Northwest board and volunteers consistently take steps to increase access and inclusion within programs and initiatives. In 2017, Advancement Northwest offered, for the first-time, sign language interpretation at programs. This will continue along with a strategic effort to unitize spaces with the fewest barriers to access.

Strategic Priorities: The current strategic plan began in 2018 and runs through 2020. As priorities emerge that require strategic investments, support from the community may be used to fund innovative ideas that impact underrepresented communities or create new career advancement opportunities.

The portion of your support that remains with the AFP Foundation is used for strategic initiatives that benefit everyone in the fundraising profession. AFP and the AFP Foundation work jointly to identify needs based on current trends then direct resources toward either research (to better understand the need) or action (based on research and need). Here are three examples of contributions by the AFP Foundation that are having a national impact while benefitting each of us locally:

  • Women’s Impact Initiative: AFP worked with The Chronicle of Philanthropy to complete the first-ever large-scale study on sexual harassment and its impact on our industry and colleagues. Based on the results of the study, the Women’s Impact Initiative was created with a goal of identifying the specific issues and challenges that women in the profession face and finding ways to address the issues.
  • Scholarships: The AFP Foundation provides scholarships for people from across the United States to attend the AFP International Conference. These include Chamberlain scholarships, Diversity scholarships, and Collegiate scholarships.
  • Public Policy: While the actual policy work is done by the AFP political action committee, AFP and the AFP Foundation identify public policy areas that provide impact across the sector and research to support the suggestions. This includes the permanent passage of the IRA Charitable Rollover.