Conferences are not just normal classes. So many decisions are made at these gatherings. NDOA conference is not an exception. The who-is-who in the fundraising industry present their papers for prospective donors to have an interest. Moreover, you network.

It’s one social gathering that attracts high-end individuals all over the world. The networks and connections you make at the venue are memorable. Major policies are declared in one of the conferences that are used worldwide in humanitarian organizations. Some of them include things to do with bans and sanctions on countries yet they have serious humanitarian issues.

The vast knowledge you gain is irreplaceable in various aspects of your career life. The topics of discussions on the floor are all relevant as much as they may not be your area of profession.

The challenges you get from these meetings is amazing. You may think you are the best until you meet another fundraising leader who challenges you with what they are doing back in their home countries. As you get back, your mind thinks of what you can also do best in your own small if not a big way.

Everyone looks for greener pastures, it’s part of growth.

We can’t fail to mention the high-profile individuals who attend the NDOA conference give you the chance to get noticed in your area of expertise if not a business opportunity.

It’s upon you to place yourself in such a way that you are available and there is room to extend the talk away from the conference. Where else can you meet the CEO of a multinational company and speak to him in an informal setup?