Thursday, November 1, 2018

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Nomination Guidelines

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the National Philanthropy Day awards in Washington. For the past three decades, philanthropic individuals, companies, foundations, and other organizations have been recognized and celebrated for their contributions to the community. 

On Thursday, November 1, National Philanthropy Day will recognize those who enhance the quality of life in Washington State through their acts of generosity. Such individuals and organizations, through their philanthropy, form vital partnerships with communities for the benefit of society at large. It is a privilege to honor those who best exemplify such generosity.

To make a nomination, please write a letter that explains why your nominee(s) should receive an award and complete the online nomination form where you will be given the opportunity to upload your letter along with supporting material. All nominations must be received by Friday, June 22. Nominees will be accepted in the following categories: 

  1. Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation (strong culture of philanthropy throughout corporation)
  2. Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business (under 100 employees)
  3. Outstanding Philanthropic Organization (grant-making entities, foundations, organizations that raise private funds and grant them out, as well as organizations in service to the community)
  4. Outstanding Philanthropist(s) (individual or couple)
  5. Outstanding Philanthropic Family (multi-generation involvement in philanthropy) 
  6. Outstanding Young Philanthropist(s) (up to age 21; large class or service club projects are discouraged)

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Please submit only one nomination per category; you may submit a nomination for each category.
  • Previous honorees are not eligible. Refer to the list of past honorees.
  • Nominees from throughout Washington State are eligible to receive awards.

Selection Criteria

  • Evidence of specific achievements (new programs, for example)
  • Evidence of past and present philanthropic activities, including dates and length of activities
  • Evidence of sustained commitment to philanthropy
  • Evidence of financial support in the community, nationally or internationally and its impact
  • Evidence of encouragement given to others to accept leadership roles in philanthropy and community service
  • Evidence of philanthropic involvement with other individuals/organizations
  • Evidence of exceptional volunteer service

Submission Guidelines

  • We strive to recognize philanthropists at all levels, as philanthropy comes in many forms. Please be detailed and thorough when completing your nomination letter and supporting materials to best illustrate your nominee’s accomplishments for the Awards Committee.
  • Nominations must be received by Friday, June 22
  • A complete nomination comprises a maximum of seven pages and includes (in 12-point font): 
    One completed Nomination Form
    One nomination letter (limit to two single-sided pages). Letters should address selection criteria.
     Supporting attachments (limit to four single-sided pages). Supporting materials may include letters of support, news articles and compilations of excerpts from letters and emails (please cite sources). Do not include videos or brochures of any kind.

To submit a nomination, complete the online nomination form - includes the option to upload the nomination letter and supporting documents (please note, you can only upload one file if you have multiple documents you will need to combine them into one before uploading).