Fundraising is the theme but you can’t avoid a leadership program. These are leaders and have people who work under them. The skills without implementation by the juniors are useless. In the training, the leadership aspect is broadly covered. Some of the areas covered include

  • Characteristics of a good leader
  • How to deal with demoralized juniors
  • When to draw a line between fear and respect
  • Management and administration strategies

Include technology in the training schedule

Technology is here with us. New digital tools are launched every day, an analog fundraising leader is worse than an illiterate employee- what a let-down. For example, who writes postal letters in this era?

Video conferencing tools are a must-have investment for any organization. Yes, the company can invest in them but the personnel who use them must also enroll for courses to ensure they are in line with the latest technology.

How will they run the sales funnels to market their programs and projects to potential donors?

Make it interactive

There is a difference between a conference and a lecture class. First, it’s a short course that you attain in the comfort of a hotel room. An environment of comfort is an essential component the organizers must look into. It explains why people travel miles and take flights just to attend a conference.

That alone, boosts the confidence of the fundraising leaders. The attitude planted in their minds is that they have to give value to all the financial investment to attend the conference.

 NDOA conferences are interactive. Participants are allowed to ask and get answers to their questions. Group work is also a common activity to achieve this goal.