Mission and Vision

NDOA is an individual-based professional association. All professionals involved in humanitarian work share the view that human dignity and life matter. Our vision is to see all human lives and dignities safeguarded, and our mission is to empower professionals and leaders within the industry to see the vision through.

To do that, we focus on ensuring the availability of skills, competencies, experiences, and professionals networks among leaders and professionals in the humanitarian sector. Professionals need to receive both formal and informal support at all levels to see their mandate through. With the NDOA platform, professionals have the resources and the help they need from other professionals in different industries involved with humanitarian work.

 Do you have the passion for leading people in doing humanitarian work, especially fundraising? Do you fret when you think of ways to ask for money from donors?

Do you have a challenge in public speaking? If you answered yes in any of the questions above, you could benefit from an association of professionals whose goal is to help build all members.

There is so much that professionals can learn from each other when the ultimate goal is to make each professional a leader in their field. Now with NDOA, more leaders can emerge within the humanitarian sector and other sectors.