Understanding Intersectionality and Compensation Among Fundraisers

The recent 2018 Compensation and Benefits Study released by AFP International included a wealth of data on areas of progress and stagnation in compensation for fundraisers, as was shared in the August newsletter. The news from the survey included disheartening statistics on the persistent pay gap between men and women in the profession as well as lower average compensation for people of color.

The AFP Advancement Northwest Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Committee discussed the survey findings in September, particularly digging into the fact that fundraisers who hold intersecting oppressed identities may not see the realities of their compensation reflected in parsed-out data that reports separately on race/ethnicity and gender identity.

The survey shows that women in the profession are making about 80 cents to every dollar men in the field make. It also shows that people of color earn 5% less than white fundraisers.

Committee member Erika Chen noted, “What this doesn’t show is that women of color in the profession are doubly impacted by this discrepancy and likely earning far less than that 80-cents-to-the-dollar figure. Folks who identify as LGBTQ are also likely seeing discrepancies in their compensation that can compound with other aspects of their identity.”

National census data across the United States show that women on average earn about 80% of men’s pay, but further analysis by race/ethnicity and gender demonstrates the compounding effect, with black women on average earning about 68% of white men’s earnings, and Hispanic women earning 62%.

The AFP Women’s Impact Initiative is further studying the gender pay gap, and AFP International has noted that next year’s survey will gather more data to explore the intersection of race and gender as it relates to compensation in the fundraising field.

Sarah Anderson
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Committee

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