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Who Will You Nominate for the 2019 Professional Achievement Award?

It's time to honor one of our own

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What are Your Professional Goals?

Do you meet this question with dismay? “My current position IS my professional goal!” Does this question cause anxiety? “There are so many directions my career could go. I have no idea which one I want.” Or maybe, you confront this question with excitement. “I know exactly what I want and how I am going to realize it!” 

Most of us fall somewhere between dismay and excitement, with a lot of us feeling a little anxiety. So why find your honest and personal answer? Unlock your potential and open up to the growth opportunities that might otherwise be invisible, while also are working diligently to meet your fundraising or programming goals. 

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Who is Oprah's Mentor?

Last month, we shared an interview highlighting some of the experiences of AFP Advancement Northwest mentors. But, let's back up a minute and define mentorship. Oprah Winfrey says, "A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself." 

I like this definition because it makes room for mentors who come into your life in unexpected ways and may look different than what you might expect. In fact, your mentor may not have all the answers. But an effective mentor will help you find the answers for yourself. Or maybe even just help you ask the right questions.

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Creating Inclusive Presentations

In preparation for this year’s Forum on Strategic Fundraising, members of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Committee (DEIA) led a webinar for presenters and panelists on best practices in creating inclusive presentations. This session was motivated by the desire to eliminate barriers to learning and participation for all Forum attendees and was built on prior resources developed by Troy Coalman and Nicky McGarity.

If you find yourself preparing for a presentation of your own, be mindful that audience members could have access needs that may or may not be apparent. The following best practices can help ensure that all attendees are able to take part fully:

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Your Investment in Future Nonprofit Leaders

Hong Chhour bravely stood in front of 450 people during the Forum on Strategic Fundraising to ask them to support Advancement Northwest. His eloquent speech inspired the audience to invest in the future leaders of the nonprofit community, resulting in the greatest giving to date at an Advancement Northwest program.

To join Hong and the rest of the philanthropy community in investing in tomorrow’s leaders, you can make a gift today

If you were at the Forum last year, you may remember me sharing how, not too differently from Ray (Ray Li, 2018 Professional Achievement Award recipient) and Vu (Vu Le, keynote speaker), I failed my Cambodian-Chinese refugee parents by not becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer. I also shared my experience as an Advancement Northwest scholar.

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Benefits of Building a Network

Networking. It gets a bad rap. It's something we are supposed to do. Like flossing. Most of us don't enjoy it. But we do it. Why? Because we have seen the benefits. So, while it may be a bit uncomfortable we have come to appreciate this task of running a string betwixt even the tightest of teeth is totally worth it. 

It's the same with networking. Having a meaningful exchange with someone new and/or reconnecting with a former colleague takes a little extra effort. But, like flossing the benefits are real. Events like the Advancement Northwest Forum on Strategic Fundraising give us each a chance to build or develop a network of trusted peers. 

In the last year, I have realized these benefits first-hand. Calls to my network have generated ideas and discussion on everything from the valuation of corporate sponsorship of library programs, to peer reviews, to learning more about the pros and cons of a raise the paddle ask at a gala event. Not only did my colleagues share valuable information, saving me and my organization lots of time and money, they reminded me that I'm not alone. That the struggles, questions, and challenges I'm facing - they face as well. 

I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making some new friends today at the Forum on Strategic Fundraising. I hope to see you there and at other upcoming events! 

Warm regards,

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