Maintain volunteer spirit in the training

The successful fundraising projects solely depend on individuals who never look at the monetary gain in the work. A lot of sacrifice in terms of time and expertise come in handy to ensure the projects get the right funding.

In humanitarian organizations, the humanitarian crisis is your motivating factor to get aid as quickly as possible. As part of the conference, volunteer spirit is a theme such that the leaders understand the aspect of free-will in fundraising work.

Let the trainees understand the role of volunteers and how to make good use of them to achieve the organizational objectives.

Engage high-profile professional as facilitator

You are dealing with leaders; high profile individuals relevant to the training add value to the mind of the leaders. They not only come with the knowledge but also with wisdom they have gained over time in the course of their careers.

They bring onboard various experiences from their respective organizations at all levels to use in their training. As much as they may charge a dime for the service, it’s worth the investment.

It’s a conference that one leaves fully armed with all the required fundraising skills. A good trainee willing to improve the organization funding level will see results in the first donor fund meeting. To be selected as part of the organization set to get the fund is not an easy task. After the training, the invitations will be overwhelming.