About NDOA

Northwest Development Officers Association (NDOA) is made up of and run by professionals from various disciplines involved in humanitarian work, including arbitration, actuary, accounting, business, architecture, surveying, food and nutrition, medicine, engineering, education, humanitarian services, and many more.

Northwest Development Officers Association aims to create a forum for professional exchanges, collaboration, and dialogue across different institutions and regions. It also seeks to offer professional development for professionals, especially in humanitarian assistance programs. By bringing professionals together, NDOA aims to establish a series of working groups to address emerging issues in the humanitarian assistance programs by collaboration with research centers, active players in the humanitarian service, the government, and other professionals.


NDOA is one of the largest Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters in the world. With nearly 1,000 members, Advancement NDOA combines the unique strengths of our two founding organizations: NDOA Washington and the NDOA Development Officers Association, which united in 2015.

Together as one powerful voice for philanthropy, Advancement NDOA is opening doors to even more innovative opportunities to advance the skills of development professionals and the prestige of the profession.