Building Leaders Who Fundraise
and Inspiring Fundraisers Who Lead

Our Goal


To elevate the professionalism of fundraisers at all stages of their careers


To promote high ethical standards


To preserve and enhance philanthropy and volunteerism

Pressing Challenges

To serve as one powerful voice in confronting the pressing challenges facing the nonprofit sector today

Elevate  Professionalism

Northwest Development Officers Association (NDOA) is one of the largest Association of Fundraising Professionals chapters in the world. With nearly 1,000 members, Advancement NDOA combines the unique strengths of our two founding organizations: NDOA Washington and the NDOA Development Officers Association, which united in 2015.

Together as one powerful voice for philanthropy, Advancement NDOA is opening doors to even more innovative opportunities to advance the skills of development professionals and the prestige of the profession.

For our communities to be models of philanthropic impact. Building leaders who fund raise to transform communities locally and across the world.


How to Train Fundraiser Leaders

It is now easy asking for money from people even when you know the money is for the right course. Even the best public speakers shudder when they have to beg for money from their listeners. This is the challenge that fundraiser leaders go through when they have...

Why attend the NDOA conference?

Conferences are not just normal classes. So many decisions are made at these gatherings. NDOA conference is not an exception. The who-is-who in the fundraising industry present their papers for prospective donors to have an interest. Moreover, you network. It’s one...

NDOA Leadership Programs

Fundraising is the theme but you can’t avoid a leadership program. These are leaders and have people who work under them. The skills without implementation by the juniors are useless. In the training, the leadership...

Fundraising Conference of Leaders

Maintain volunteer spirit in the training The successful fundraising projects solely depend on individuals who never look at the monetary gain in the work. A lot of sacrifice in terms of time and expertise come in handy to ensure the projects get the right funding. In...

Guide to Capacity Building of Fundraising Leaders

Gaining knowledge as a fundraising leader is an endless journey. New things come up every day that you need the expertise to sharpen your existing knowledge to be a better professional. Seminars, workshops, and conferences must be a priority in your career. It equips...

High-profile Professional as Facilitators

You are dealing with leaders; high profile individuals relevant to the training add value to the mind of the leaders. They not only come with the knowledge but also with wisdom they have gained over time in the course of their careers.

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