6 Conferences You Must Attend in 2021


Conferences are often held for educational purposes. They give you the chance to exchange ideas and learn from invited panelists.

The events are mainly held to offer educational services and allow the exchange of ideas in a particular field.

Conferences cover different topics and industries. They include:

  • Water conferences
  • Energy conferences
  • Construction conferences
  • Business conferences, and many more.

The topics of discussion in meetings can be about significant changes, methods, technology, and recruitment in particular fields.

Conferences can enable you to develop essential connections and exchange innovative ideas with people of like-mindedness. People also get to learn new skills and share practices.

If you’re looking for conferences to attend in 2021, here’re six conferences to consider:

Top 6 Conferences Scheduled to Occur in 2021

  • The American Council on Education’s 103rd Annual Conference, ACE2021

Scheduled to occur from 20th March 2021 to 22nd March 2021, the ACE2021 will take place in Washington, DC. The same conference was scheduled to take place in San Diego in 2020.

However, it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The physical meeting was postponed to 2021. The topics of discussion will revolve around the post-pandemic effects on education.

  • The Independent Retailer Conference

Small independent retailers also get the chance to meet and discuss the way forward for their businesses. The independent retailer conference makes this possible.

Any retailer or a person who wants to get valuable information and ideas from other retailers can attend the conference.

 Relevant insights that you can apply to your independent business will be covered.

  • Afriwood East Africa Nairobi

This event is scheduled to take place between 24th June 2021 and 26th June 2021. It is an international trade fair that deals with woodworks and wood. The conference will talk about the growing needs of the woodwork processing industries and technology.

The latest innovations will also be showcased. Materials and tools needed for woodworks will be displayed, and attendees will be shown how to operate them.

For instance, you’ll learn what’s involved in picking a woodworking drill press or any other tool that meets your needs. International exhibitors will also be present. You will get the chance to meet different carpenters and woodworkers.

  • NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo, 2021

This event will be held in Orlando, Florida, from 30th May to 4th July 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic affected the initial date of the event.

Previously, it was to be held in St. Louis from 24th May to 29th May 2020. But, the meeting had to be done over the internet as an online conference.

The educational summit aims to discuss the way forward for the educational curriculum. The Association of International Educators is the host of the NAFSA conference.

Issues concerning international education and educational exchange will be the topics of discussion. Many attendees from close to a hundred countries usually attend the annual conference.

NAFSA is one of the educational conferences that registers the highest number of attendees.

  • The Association of American Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting, 2021

This conference will talk about the effect of Covid-19 on higher education. It will be held in Seattle, WA from 20th January 2021 to 23rd January 2021. The reaction of the higher education towards the effects of Covid-19 will be discussed in-depth, to get to the possible solutions of the issues raised.

The sessions that will be available at the conference include networking opportunities, growth and learning sessions, and workshops. The panelists will also be involved in discussing the models of financial education.

What undergraduate education will be like after the Covid-19 pandemic is the current topic that makes people curious. AAC&U will be analyzing this topic as it aims to bring together professionals from different industries.

LEAP HR is a conference where leaders in the retail meet to discuss and exchange ideas about changes in their industry. They come up with the way forward through their discussions to deliver growth and enhance the human resource strategy.

The attendees of the conference have been meeting annually over the last four years to determine how customer experience drives sales. HR professionals should attend this conference because it’s highly rated.

Human resource workers are encouraged to attend. In the conference, they will get to network with other human resource managers and exchange useful ideas.


If you’re interested in meeting and sharing with different people from the same industry, attend a relevant conference to get that opportunity. In conferences, you get to meet both leaders and learners in the industry. Attendees get new insights and essential knowledge from experienced people. You also get to meet new people and build your network.